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Saved From the Brink

At the very last minute, a number of people have stepped forward in the hope to save GLaxFive.NET for the 2022 season.

Last summer a meeting of some coaches, booster clubs and other supports met and decided to ask all of the girl’s head coaches to support the website by turning in information during the season. Most teams seemed to agree that there would be a "reporter" for each team who would make sure the information made it to the website.GLaxFive.NET

The one last piece was to find one or more "Managers" would oversee the daily operations and help the reports to stay on task. At the last moment, just as the website was to close, four volunteers agreed to server as managers. Two have started to train and are already working with the website.

Although finances still remain an issue, SportsFive Media has agreed to continue to support the site financially for another year with a hope that booster, and fan donations will help.

SO, thanks to some great volunteers and supportive coaches.... We move forward into 2022.

   on 10-04-2023
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