Awards and Honors in Section Five

There are awards and honors for almost everything during and at the end of the season. Our database has over 1,700 records. On the numerous awards pages, you can see the data in many ways which can be accessed from the menu above or below.

The data only includes league, sectional and national awards. Team awards or off-season honors are included on player pages.

League Awards by Year

By Year

The various leagues hand out their awards at the end of the season. The rules for selection and number of awards are determined by each league. We have collected data since 2016. This report lists all awards for year and is available here.

Monroe County

Awards for Monroe County

We started collecting Monroe County League awards in 2004. The league divided into divisions in various configurations over the years. The report for the most recent year is here.

Finger Lakes

Awards for the Finger Lakes League

We started collecting Finger Lakes League awards in 2011. The report for the Finger Lakes is here.


Awards for the Independent Teams

We started collecting Independent Team awards in 2024. The report for the Independent Teams is here.

Player Awards

Awards By Player

The "By Player" report lists all players who have received awards. Because it is a very large report, it is broken down by last name. The reports start here.

US Lacrosse Awards

All Americans / All Academics

US Lacrosse has sponsored their All American awards since 1971. They determined the number of players for each region on the country and the formula has changed several times over the years. In 1993 they added the "Academic All American" awards. The requirements have changed many times over the years and the name has been changed to "All-Academic". The list of all our award winners is here.

Tournament Awards

All Tournament Teams

In 2003, All Tournament Teams were established to recognize best performances during the various sectional tournaments. The number in each position changes slightly from year to year, but there are generally ten players and a Most Valuable Player in each class tournament. The lists are available here.