Post Season Play for 2024


After the regular season, there are several championship opportunities for teams that qualify. First up are the Section Five Tournaments for four classes (A-B-C-D).

Sectionals winners then compete in the New York State Tournament which culminates in a championship weekend where the State Champions are determined

Current 2024 Seeding

Beginning after Week #3 Sectional Seeding will be posted at the end of the Week. Final Seeding be released on GLaxFive and the Section V Website. 

Seeding: Tournament Seeding:

The 2024 Seeding will be announce on May 16th, 2024.

Seeding Procedure (since 2017): Seeding Protocol

Sectional Tournament

For 2024 there will be four tournaments:

In the Class A bracket there will be FIVE teams: Fairport - Greece Storm - Rush-Henrietta - Penfield and Pittsford.

In Class B there will be TEN teams: Schroeder - Thomas - Victor - Hilton - Gates-Chili - Churchville-Chili - Irondequoit - Spencerport - Canandaigua and Brighton.

In Class C there will be SEVEN teams: Newark-Midlakes - Brockport - Eastridge/Bishop Kearney - HFL - Mercy - Wayne and Geneva.

In Class D there will be EIGHT teams: Pal-Mac - Aquinas/WOIS - Waterloo - Penn Yan - Mynderse-Romulus - Marcus Whitman - Gananda-Marion and Livonia-Avon.

Brackets are available for   CLASS A  -  CLASS B  -  CLASS C  -  CLASS D

Beginning in the 2017 season, the Section Five chairman updated the tournament seeding procedure as the Girls  used the same seeding procedure that is currently used by the Boys.  The basics of the seeding is that points are given based on the final record of each team you face.  The announcement article goes into more detail and can be found HERE

Tournament Schedule

  • Last regular season games can be scheduled on May 16th.
  • Pre-Quarter Games (Class B & C) on May 18th
  • Quarter Finals for Classes A and D on May 20th
  • Quarter Finals for Class B & C on May 21st
  • Semi Finals for Class A and Class D at higher seed on May 22nd.
  • Semi Finals for Class B and Class C at higher seed on May 23rd.
  • Championships for Class A and Class D at FLCC on May 28th.
  • Championships for Class B and Class C at FLCC on May 29th.

New York State Tournament

Regionals will be hosted by Section V on June 1st at FLCC
  • Class A at 11:00 AM
  • Class B at 1:00 PM
  • Class C at 3:00 PM
  • Class D at 5:00 PM

The NYS Tournament information can be found here.