NYS Section VThirty Teams in 2021

This year there are, once again, thirty teams play in the Section.

The teams are divided among four classes that compete for Sectional championships and later, the New York State tournaments. Generally, schools with 1,075 or more students are in Class A (5 teams). Schools with 790 to 1,074 are in Class B (13 teams). Schools with 475-789 teams are in Class C (4 teams) and schools with 474 or less are in Class C (8 teams).


FL1 Teams

Alphabetic     By Class     By League  
Gananda Jeff Thomson 0-4 FL
Geneva Amy McGhan 2-5 FL
Marcus Whitman James Morse 3-2 FL
Mynderse-Romulus Corey Foster 1-4 FL
Newark-Midlakes Karen Cline 3-3 FL
Pal-Mac E.J. Burse 3-1 FL
Penn Yan Chris Hansen 3-1 FL
Waterloo Andy Lee 3-3 FL
Wayne Mike Smock 0-4 FL

INDY League

Alphabetic     By Class     By League  
Aquinas Dave York 5-1 INDY
Bishop Kearney Aaron Civalier 0-0 INDY
Livonia LeAnna Presler 3-3 INDY
Mercy Anthony Yandek 4-1 INDY

MC League

Alphabetic     By Class     By League  
Brighton Richard Curtis 2-4 MC
Brockport Amy Nesbitt 1-3 MC
Canandaigua Ronnie Davis 4-0 MC
Churchville-Chili Sean Marsh 0-4 MC
Eastridge Bob Freeman 1-4 MC
Fairport Mara Karpp 3-0 MC
Gates Chili Kelly Parker 0-5 MC
Greece Storm Kyle Norton 3-2 MC
Hilton Mackenzie Swartz 4-1 MC
Honeoye Falls-Lima Kevin O'Connell 3-3 MC
Irondequoit Mike Butler 3-1 MC
Penfield Wayne Smith 2-3 MC
Pittsford Donovan Lopez 5-0 MC
Rush-Henrietta Jim Dewald 3-0 MC
Schroeder Bryan Hanley 3-4 MC
Spencerport Patricia Condon 3-1 MC
Thomas Jess Tuttle 1-5 MC
Victor Niki Frunzi 3-1 MC


Teams no longer playing

East Rochester - East Rochester dropped their Varsity team in 2018 to focus on building from the lower levels

Midlakes - Midlakes ended their program before the 2018 season.

Mynderse - Mynderse combined with Romulus in 2018

Newark -

Olympia-Arcadia - The Thunder combined with the Lightning to form one team in 2018