Thirty Teams in 2021

lax pichis year there are, once again, thirty teams play in the Section. Full Story

Semi Finals

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Over the past two days, all eight Semi-Final matchups were played.  The #1 and #2 seeds in all four classes advanced to the Finals.  All four Finals matchups will be played on Wednesday May 29th at two sites.  Chairman Onze is still pending the decisions for which matchups will be played at which sites.  As soon as that decision is made it will be published here.  Information can be found in the Tournament Central (above Today's Games) or linked below. Full Story

Quarter Finals B/D

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This season, Quarter Finals for B/D were played tonight.  Seven of the Eight games were won by the higher seed with only fifth seeded Waterloo defeating fourth seeded Marcus Whitman breaking the bracket. Information on the specific games can be found in Tournament Central (above Today's Games) or linked below. Full Story

Pre-Quarter Finals

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This season, only Class B had a Pre-quarter Finals round.  There were five games that were played over two days.  All five games were won by the higher seed.  Information on the specific games can be found in Tournament Central (above Today's Games) or linked below. Full Story

Final Day of the Regular Season

lax piche final three games were played with Thomas over Hilton 10-7 coming as the closest contest.  The other two scores were Livonia over Gates Chili 16-2 and Eastridge over Gananda 11-5. Full Story

Final Sectional Seeding

lax piche Final Sectional Seeding information has been released on GLaxFive and Twitter.  The tournament information is presented (HERE) and will be updated automatically as scores/stats are reported.  Seeding is also finalized and below.  Good luck to all Section Five teams in the Tournament.

Top Class A: Rush-Henrietta
Top Class B: Spencerport
Top Class C: HFL
Top Class D: Pal-Mac

Final Seeding:
Final Points:  Full Story

Penultimate Night of the Regular Season

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On the second to last night of the season, all nine scheduled games were played.  There are now only 3 games left in the season.  Seeding is nearly completed and present (HERE).  Much of the seeding appears stable, but we are watching a few key matchups that can make changes in the final seedings.  We will publish them as soon as possible tomorrow night.

Tonight's closest game was Wayne 9-8 over Gananda.  Additional scores included Greece over Gates Chili 19-0, Irondequoit over Thomas 8-4, Hilton over HFL 11-8, Spencerport over Fairport 13-5, Mynderse-Romulus over Geneva 15-8, Waterloo over Marcus Whitman 11-5, Pal-Mac over Penn Yan 18-4 and Pittsford over Brighton 10-7. Full Story

Tuesday of the Final Week

lax picith five games played tonight we are now down to 12 games, including 9 tomorrow (Wednesday).  Seeding was updated to tonight's games (HERE).  Chairman Onze is watching those teams that still have games on Thursday, with hopes to get out seeding as soon as possible.  We will publish the seedings here, as well as twitter, on Thursday night.

Tonight, there were 2 two-goal games with Baldwinsville defeating Penfield 9-7 and Newark-Midlakes defeating Livonia 7-5.  Additional scores included Mercy over Aquinas 18-8, Waterloo over Gananda 20-5 and Greece over Brockport 12-0. Full Story

Monday in Final Week

lax picith the final week of the season upon us there were 11 games played tonight (with one being moved to tomorrow).  That leaves us with only 17 games left in the regular season.  Seeding is becoming much more solid (see seeding page HERE); however, it is always important to remember that every game matters and seeding can change up until the last game is played.  Many games tonight were one sided, but two came down to a single goal.  HFL defeated Pal-Mac 9-8 and Churchville-Chili defeated Greece Storm 7-6. Full Story

Five Games to End the Week

lax pichere were five games played tonight with Thomas over Schroeder 8-7 the closest contest.  Remaining scores included HFL over CC 13-4, RH over Mercy 19-5 and Pittsford over CNS 18-7.  At the moment only the scores are reported.  When updated the stats will be available on the game pages. Full Story


Other Stories of Interest

A New Site for the Girls of Section Five

lax picBased on the popular boys site, SportsFive.NET, this new site for girls' lacrosse will contain, over time, much of the same information. Beyond the schedules and results, other popular areas will include rosters, statistics and player profiles. Much of this information is in the formative stages and will be dependent of the willingness of coaches, parents, players and fans to submit the various types of information. Full Story

Training for Officials Available for Girls and Boys

lax pics usual, there is a great need for lacrosse officials for both the boys and the girls scholastic programs. Training programs have been announced and both will start in January. Full Story

SportsFive.NET Offers Annual Clinic for Statisticians

lax picyle Barrett and Paul Wilson will once again offer a clinic for team reporters. This year the clinic will be offered at the Pittsford Community Center (35 Lincoln Avenue). Full Story

2018 Post Season

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The Tournament has been completed and we have our Champions.  In Class A, Penfield defeated RH.  In Class B, Brighton defeated Spencerport in overtime.  In Class C, HFL defended their Title and defeated Geneva.  In Class D, Pal-Mac defending their Title and defeated Penn Yan.  All four teams will represent Section Five in the State Tournament that begins on Saturday June 2nd at HFL. Full Story

End of Week #1

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There were 19 matches played in the opening week of games. There was a single overtime game this week with Baldwinsville defeating Brighton 6-5.  There were four additional games that were decided by a single goal.  There are still 13 teams that have yet to play their season opener and look to their first games this week Full Story

End of Week #2

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There were 34 matches played in this week of games, with the season starting to pick up the pace.  The closest match was Pittsford's double overtime win vs. Canandaigua (7-6).  With two weeks under our belt, every team has played at least one game.  There are five teams remaining that have won all their games: Fairport (1-0), Mynderse-Romulus (3-0), Penn Yan (1-0), Pittsford (1-0) and Spencerport (3-0).  There are even more games expected in the coming week. Full Story

End of Week #3

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There were 38 matches played in this week of games, as we enter into break week.  There are limited games scheduled next week with only 17 on the books. There were three overtime matches this week with RH defeating Canandaigua 12-11, Schroeder defeating HFL 11-10 and Fairport defeating Corning 15-14.  Only two teams remain undefeated with Mynderse-Romulus at 4-0 and Spencerport at 7-0. Full Story

End of Week #4

lax picreak week was light in games with only 15 games being played. Mercy defeated Victor 14-13 in the only overtime game of the week.  Spencerport fell this week to Canandaigua 8-6, leaving Mynderse-Romulus as the only undefeated team.  The Blue Devils did not play this week and remain at 4-0 (they have games scheduled for this Monday, Wednesday and Friday).  There are a total of 44 games scheduled this week. Full Story

End of Week #5

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There were over 40 games this week with the closest coming from a double overtime win for Mynderse-Romulus over Waterloo 7-6.  With the win, the Blue Devils remain the only undefeated team at 7-0.  Three teams go into second half of the season with only a single loss: Brighton (7-1), Mercy (9-1), Spencerport (9-1). Full Story

End of Week #6

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There were three overtime games this week.  HFL defeated Eastridge 8-7 in double overtime, Marcus Whitman defeated Aquinas 10-9 in the first overtime and Gananda defeated Livonia 8-7 in the first overtime.  We also lost our last undefeated team with Mynderse-Romulus falling to both Penn Yan and Pal-Mac this week.  In addition, two of the single loss teams fell, leaving Spencerport at the highest percentage at 12-1. Full Story

End of Week #7

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Five different games this week ended in overtime.  Thomas defeated HFL 12-11, Eastridge defeated Livonia 10-9, Livonia defeated Geneva 13-12, Wayne defeated Aquinas 12-11 and Irondequoit defeated Fairport 7-6.

With the final week of gaming, we are coming down to the line in Seeding for the Tournament.  On Monday (13th) there are 12 games, on Tuesday (14th) there are 4 games, on Wednesday (15th) there are 9 games. The Final Day to schedule games is Thursday the 16th with 3 games on the books.  Seeding will not be offical until Thursday Night. Full Story

End of Week #7

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The final games of the regular season ended on Thursday with the Sectional Tournament beginning the following day.  In addition to the normal end of week links, Below will be a link to the Tournament Pages.  There were no overtime matches in the final week; however, there were 3 1-goal games in the final week: HFL over Pal-Mac 9-8, CC over Greece Storm 7-6 and Wayne over Gananda 9-8. Full Story

Take a Look at the Image Galleries

lax picWe have a number of very talented photographers who volunteer their time and images for the "Girls of Section Five". See them to the Galleries Page. We appreciate their help. When gallaries are created they are usually linked to the game reports for the teams playing.  Full Story

Section Five Announces New Seeding Procedure

lax picection Five Chairman Al DeCarlo has announced that for 2017, the Girls of Section Five will adopt the seeding system that has been used by the boys for the past 15 years.  Due to changes occurring at (the former seeding system), Chairman DeCarlo and the rest of the committee determined that it was necessary to identify a new way to seed the Sectional Tournament. Full Story

New Sectional Seeding for 2017

lax picue to changes made at, the Girls Section Five Committee needed to identify a way to seed their Sectional Tournament.  Chairman Al DeCarlo reached out to his counterpart in the Boys Section Five Committee and discussed how the Boys seed their tournament.  After further discussions with additional leadership in Section Five, it was determined that the Girls would switch their seeding in 2017 to the system used by the Boys.  The system is historically a good predictor for the Boys and has over 15 years of data.  Below is a brief synopsis of how seeding is done.  A complete step-by-step walkthrough is available on the Boys site ( and is linked at the end of this article. Full Story


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