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Fairport vs Rush-Henrietta

  Date  Home H  AwayA
  05/22/2024  Rush-Henrietta9 Fairport11
  04/10/2024  Fairport7 Rush-Henrietta8
  05/30/2023  Rush-Henrietta5 Fairport6
  04/19/2023  Rush-Henrietta12 Fairport7
  04/27/2022  Rush-Henrietta12 Fairport7
  06/09/2021  Rush-Henrietta17 Fairport7
  05/27/2021  Fairport10 Rush-Henrietta11
  04/10/2019  Rush-Henrietta13 Fairport4
  05/26/2018  Rush-Henrietta14 Fairport10
  05/14/2018  Rush-Henrietta19 Fairport9
  05/10/2017  Fairport2 Rush-Henrietta6
  05/26/2016  Fairport9 Rush-Henrietta5
  04/22/2016  Rush-Henrietta11 Fairport13
  04/23/2015  Rush-Henrietta8 Fairport10
  05/13/2014  Fairport7 Rush-Henrietta8
  05/13/2013  Rush-Henrietta10 Fairport4
  05/22/2012  Fairport7 Rush-Henrietta9
  04/27/2012  Fairport7 Rush-Henrietta5
  03/31/2012  Rush-Henrietta6 Fairport10
  05/11/2011  Fairport6 Rush-Henrietta7
  04/13/2011  Rush-Henrietta5 Fairport6
  05/12/2010  Rush-Henrietta11 Fairport12
  04/10/2010  Fairport14 Rush-Henrietta11
  05/30/2009  Rush-Henrietta10 Fairport11
  05/15/2009  Fairport11 Rush-Henrietta9
  04/27/2009  Rush-Henrietta11 Fairport12
  06/04/2008  Rush-Henrietta8 Fairport6
  05/07/2008  Rush-Henrietta4 Fairport9
  05/19/2007  Rush-Henrietta17 Fairport7
  05/12/2006  Rush-Henrietta8 Fairport3
  04/26/2006  Fairport3 Rush-Henrietta9
  05/04/2005  Fairport3 Rush-Henrietta19
  04/29/2005  Rush-Henrietta15 Fairport2
Fairport has won 14 and lost 19 to Rush-Henrietta

   on 07-24-2024
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