All League Awards: Monroe County

FROM 2016 TO 2022

The various leagues hand out their awards at the end of the season. The rules for selection and number of awards are determined by each league.


League Awards for Monroe County - 2022

1st Team Attack
 Atwater, AlexisBrighton1st Team Attack 12
 Brennan, MaeveIrondequoit1st Team Attack 11
 Cox, LenaRush-Henrietta1st Team Attack 11
 Davis, HannaCanandaigua1st Team Attack 10
 Dossier, EllaSchroeder1st Team Attack
 Easton, WhitleyHoneoye Falls-Lima1st Team Attack 12
 Garrett, AllyRush-Henrietta1st Team Attack 12
 Gaudio, SkyeEastridge1st Team Attack 12
 Gibaud, MackenzieGreece Storm1st Team Attack 12
 McGuigan, EmmaIrondequoit1st Team Attack 11
 Murphy, EliseBrighton1st Team Attack 11
 Nieman, KoehlerCanandaigua1st Team Attack 11
 Pronti, EvaVictor1st Team Attack 12
 Quinlan, MaddieThomas1st Team Attack 12
 Robinson, JessicaPittsford1st Team Attack 12
 Schaeffer, AddisonThomas1st Team Attack 9
 Wilmot, EllaPittsford1st Team Attack 12
1st Team Defense
 Baumer, SarahPenfield1st Team Defense 12
 Callahan, GraceVictor1st Team Defense 12
 Hennessey, KatePittsford1st Team Defense 12
 Holbrough, BroganBrighton1st Team Defense 12
 Lyttle, CarolineCanandaigua1st Team Defense 10
1st Team Goalie
 Cincebox, GracePittsford1st Team Goalie 12
 Joyce, MollyPenfield1st Team Goalie 12
 Oechsle, AngeliaRush-Henrietta1st Team Goalie 10
 Schottland, KennedyVictor1st Team Goalie 12
 Twomey, JaelyneFairport1st Team Goalie 11
1st Team Mid-Att
 Rogers, AnnaSchroeder1st Team Mid-Att 11
1st Team Mid-Def
 Smith, HannahIrondequoit1st Team Mid-Def 12
1st Team Midfield
 Bruno, OliviaVictor1st Team Midfield 12
 Dioguardi, AlisonGreece Storm1st Team Midfield 11
 Faklaris, ElisaPenfield1st Team Midfield 12
 Guzik, MollySpencerport1st Team Midfield 10
 Herod, AbbeyCanandaigua1st Team Midfield 12
 Kidd, PaigeHoneoye Falls-Lima1st Team Midfield 10
 Livingston, DevinVictor1st Team Midfield 10
 Mallaber, KatieFairport1st Team Midfield 10
 McManus, DelaneyBrighton1st Team Midfield 12
 Peers, AvaFairport1st Team Midfield 11
 Peers, EllaFairport1st Team Midfield 9
 Reina, AlainaChurchville-Chili1st Team Midfield 12
 Roberts, AveryRush-Henrietta1st Team Midfield 11
 Ruff, ClareHoneoye Falls-Lima1st Team Midfield 11
 Schillinger, MeganRush-Henrietta1st Team Midfield 12
 Schorr, LivCanandaigua1st Team Midfield 11
 Sellitto, StefanieSchroeder1st Team Midfield 12
 Spencer, KolbiThomas1st Team Midfield 11
 Terzioglu, EvinIrondequoit1st Team Midfield 11
 Zeller, MyaThomas1st Team Midfield 11
1st Team Midfield-Attack
 French, FionaHilton1st Team Midfield-Attack 12
2nd Team Attack
 Angelo, ShayeHoneoye Falls-Lima2nd Team Attack 08
 Buck, MadisonChurchville-Chili2nd Team Attack 12
 Dossier, AvaSchroeder2nd Team Attack 11
 Fedele, LiviaSpencerport2nd Team Attack 12
 Keenan, CaitlinVictor2nd Team Attack 12
 Madigan, DylanPittsford2nd Team Attack 11
 Xomvimane, MadisonGates Chili2nd Team Attack 12
2nd Team Defense
 Andre, AlainaVictor2nd Team Defense 12
 Atwater, MorganBrighton2nd Team Defense 12
 Baker, CaitlinBrighton2nd Team Defense 12
 Baumer, KatiePenfield2nd Team Defense 12
 Bergin, CaitlinPittsford2nd Team Defense 11
 Blazak, ElizaCanandaigua2nd Team Defense 10
 Consaul, AbbyFairport2nd Team Defense 11
 Engle, AddiePittsford2nd Team Defense 11
 Evans, BraelynGreece Storm2nd Team Defense
 Green, MarleeHoneoye Falls-Lima2nd Team Defense 11
 Herbst, AbbySchroeder2nd Team Defense 10
 Pezzimenti, AvaVictor2nd Team Defense 12
 Ruller, LucyThomas2nd Team Defense 10
 Savage, MarynVictor2nd Team Defense 11
 Schoenweitz, LilyIrondequoit2nd Team Defense 11
 Sleve, SammyRush-Henrietta2nd Team Defense 11
 Smalline, AlexiaIrondequoit2nd Team Defense 11
 Torrence, NatalieGreece Storm2nd Team Defense
 Van Gorder, EmilyFairport2nd Team Defense 12
 Wambach, EllaThomas2nd Team Defense 11
 Witucki, AlexRush-Henrietta2nd Team Defense 12
2nd Team Goalie
 Cross, MaggieCanandaigua2nd Team Goalie 11
 Springer, MeganThomas2nd Team Goalie 10
2nd Team Mid-Att
 Baier, MakennaSchroeder2nd Team Mid-Att 10
2nd Team Mid-Def
 Roberts, AshlynRush-Henrietta2nd Team Mid-Def 10
2nd Team Midfield
 Allison, ErikaPittsford2nd Team Midfield 11
 Baumgartner, AlisonIrondequoit2nd Team Midfield 10
 Bennett, RachelCanandaigua2nd Team Midfield 11
 Bergin, ElliePittsford2nd Team Midfield 11
 Crouse, MakennaCanandaigua2nd Team Midfield 10
 DeRosa, AmberVictor2nd Team Midfield 12
 Emler, DanyelePenfield2nd Team Midfield 12
 Herman, MyaCanandaigua2nd Team Midfield 11
 Kondas, LilyFairport2nd Team Midfield 09
 Landrigan, KennediIrondequoit2nd Team Midfield 11
 Mistretta, IrelandBrighton2nd Team Midfield 09
 Mojsej, DanielleHilton2nd Team Midfield 12
 Nichols, AlyssaSpencerport2nd Team Midfield 10
 Rowe, CatrinaRush-Henrietta2nd Team Midfield 10
 Strelick, AlexaThomas2nd Team Midfield 12
2nd Team Midfield-Attack
 Cuzzupoli, NatalieBrockport2nd Team Midfield-Attack 12
 Hetzer, NicoleEastridge2nd Team Midfield-Attack 12
 Lederman, LucyBrighton2nd Team Midfield-Attack 10

League Awards for Monroe County - 2021

1st Team Attack
 Brennan, MaeveIrondequoit1st Team Attack 10
 Davis, McKennaCanandaigua1st Team Attack 12
 Davis, RayeaRush-Henrietta1st Team Attack 12
 Dow, CeliaPenfield1st Team Attack 12
 Easton, WhitleyHoneoye Falls-Lima1st Team Attack 11
 Pronti, EvaVictor1st Team Attack 11
 Reina, AlainaChurchville-Chili1st Team Attack 11
 Wilmot, EllaPittsford1st Team Attack 11
1st Team Attck
 McGuigan, EmmaIrondequoit1st Team Attck 10
1st Team Defense
 Brinza, GraceCanandaigua1st Team Defense 12
 Callahan, GraceVictor1st Team Defense 11
 Cicoria, BrookeRush-Henrietta1st Team Defense 12
 Crane, JaclynRush-Henrietta1st Team Defense 12
 Henry, EllenPittsford1st Team Defense 12
 Lupton, KaileeCanandaigua1st Team Defense 12
 Scott, OliviaThomas1st Team Defense 12
1st Team Goalie
 Cincebox, GracePittsford1st Team Goalie 11
 Gaudio, MelodyEastridge1st Team Goalie 09
 Joyce, MollyPenfield1st Team Goalie 11
 Martel, AlexaGreece Storm1st Team Goalie 12
 Nutter, LindaSchroeder1st Team Goalie 12
 Schottland, KennedyVictor1st Team Goalie 11
 Twomey, JaelyneFairport1st Team Goalie 10
1st Team Midfield
 Bergin, ElliePittsford1st Team Midfield 10
 Bolton, HaleySchroeder1st Team Midfield 12
 Bruno, OliviaVictor1st Team Midfield 11
 Calcagni, EmmaHoneoye Falls-Lima1st Team Midfield 12
 Carpenter, SydneyHilton1st Team Midfield 12
 Clinkscales, JaelynIrondequoit1st Team Midfield 12
 DePalma, LilySpencerport1st Team Midfield 12
 Emler, DanyelePenfield1st Team Midfield 11
 Faklaris, ElisaPenfield1st Team Midfield 11
 Gelabert, KylieVictor1st Team Midfield 12
 Guzik, MollySpencerport1st Team Midfield 9
 Harman, PaigeFairport1st Team Midfield 12
 Herod, AbbeyCanandaigua1st Team Midfield 11
 Marangola, MeghanBrighton1st Team Midfield 12
 Masi, NicoleHilton1st Team Midfield 12
 McManus, DelaneyBrighton1st Team Midfield 11
 Mojsej, DanielleHilton1st Team Midfield 11
 Mulhall, AnnieSchroeder1st Team Midfield 12
 Murphy, EliseBrighton1st Team Midfield 10
 O`Hara, GracePittsford1st Team Midfield 12
 Peers, AvaFairport1st Team Midfield 10
 Roberts, AveryRush-Henrietta1st Team Midfield 10
 Rooney, HaileySpencerport1st Team Midfield 12
 Rowe, CourtneyRush-Henrietta1st Team Midfield 12
 Sadler, CharlotteBrighton1st Team Midfield 12
 Schorr, LivCanandaigua1st Team Midfield 10
 Socker, SophieFairport1st Team Midfield 12
 Verhagen, MaddieIrondequoit1st Team Midfield 12
2nd Team Attack
 Cox, LenaRush-Henrietta2nd Team Attack 10
 Davis, HannaCanandaigua2nd Team Attack 9
 DePalma, RubySpencerport2nd Team Attack 11
 Dossier, Ella Schroeder2nd Team Attack 11
 Fedele, LiviaSpencerport2nd Team Attack 11
 French, FionaHilton2nd Team Attack 11
 Garrett, AllyRush-Henrietta2nd Team Attack 11
 Keenan, CaitlinVictor2nd Team Attack 11
 Madigan, DylanPittsford2nd Team Attack 10
 Murray, KatherineBrighton2nd Team Attack 12
 Nieman, KoehlerCanandaigua2nd Team Attack 10
 Quinlan, MaddieThomas2nd Team Attack 11
 Robinson, JessicaPittsford2nd Team Attack 11
 Schaeffer, AddisonThomas2nd Team Attack 8
 Smith, HannahIrondequoit2nd Team Attack 11
 Terzioglu, EvinIrondequoit2nd Team Attack 10
 York, EmilyCanandaigua2nd Team Attack 12
2nd Team Defense
 Andre, AlainaVictor2nd Team Defense 11
 Atwater, MorganBrighton2nd Team Defense 11
 Baumer, KatiePenfield2nd Team Defense 11
 Baumer, SarahPenfield2nd Team Defense 11
 Brassie, ChloeHoneoye Falls-Lima2nd Team Defense 12
 Cassidy , Delaney Penfield2nd Team Defense 11
 Consaul, AbbyFairport2nd Team Defense 10
 Engle, AddiePittsford2nd Team Defense 10
 Hennessey, KatePittsford2nd Team Defense 11
 Hogan, JaimeyBrighton2nd Team Defense 12
 Holbrough, BroganBrighton2nd Team Defense 11
 Pezzimenti, AvaVictor2nd Team Defense 11
 Schoenweitz, LilyIrondequoit2nd Team Defense 10
 Schorr, BellaCanandaigua2nd Team Defense 12
 Soeffing, AngelinaGreece Storm2nd Team Defense 12
 Van Gorder, EmilyFairport2nd Team Defense 11
2nd Team Goalie
 Bopp, Morgan Hilton2nd Team Goalie 12
 Hussar, MckennaSpencerport2nd Team Goalie 10
 Larson, SophiaIrondequoit2nd Team Goalie 12
 Oechsle, AngeliaRush-Henrietta2nd Team Goalie 9
 Tallman, QuynnCanandaigua2nd Team Goalie 12
2nd Team Midfield
 Cuzzupoli, NatalieBrockport2nd Team Midfield 11
 Glantz, PaigePittsford2nd Team Midfield 10
 Livingston, DevinVictor2nd Team Midfield 9
 Mallaber, KatieFairport2nd Team Midfield 09
 O`Brien, MaeveHoneoye Falls-Lima2nd Team Midfield 11
 Petsos, OliviaEastridge2nd Team Midfield 12
 Schillinger, MeganRush-Henrietta2nd Team Midfield 11
 Sellitto, StefanieSchroeder2nd Team Midfield 11
 Shipley, MikaylaChurchville-Chili2nd Team Midfield 12

League Awards for Monroe County - 2019

1st Team
 Allen, IzzyPenfield1st Team 12
 Bolton, HaleySchroeder1st Team 10
 Braniecki, LexiCanandaigua1st Team 11
 Brennan, MairaIrondequoit1st Team 12
 Bushnell, MackenzieHoneoye Falls-Lima1st Team 12
 Butler, MarinaIrondequoit1st Team 12
 Carpenter, SydneyHilton1st Team 10
 Choate, NatalieSpencerport1st Team 12
 Colucci, DanielleVictor1st Team 12
 Concordia, JordenSchroeder1st Team 11
 Cox, MorganPenfield1st Team 12
 Coykendall, ErinSpencerport1st Team 12
 Crane, RachelRush-Henrietta1st Team 12
 Davis, McKennaPittsford1st Team 10
 Davis, PiperBrighton1st Team 12
 Davis, RayeaRush-Henrietta1st Team 10
 Eichmann, ElenaFairport1st Team 12
 Ellis, MeghanCanandaigua1st Team 11
 Falk, SarahFairport1st Team 12
 Gallanti, Jillian Thomas1st Team 11
 Garrett, GabbyRush-Henrietta1st Team 12
 Gaudio, SkyeEastridge1st Team 09
 George, MaddyRush-Henrietta1st Team 12
 Haggerty, LucyVictor1st Team 12
 Herod, AbbeyCanandaigua1st Team 9
 Lafountain, SusanBrighton1st Team 11
 Lederman, KatieBrighton1st Team 11
 Lucey, KyraPittsford1st Team 11
 Mashewske, KateRush-Henrietta1st Team 12
 McGwin, RebecaIrondequoit1st Team 12
 McLachlan, MeghanFairport1st Team 12
 Melendez, GabyVictor1st Team 12
 Mooney, ElliePittsford1st Team 12
 Mooney, KaciePittsford1st Team 11
 Mulhall, AnnieSchroeder1st Team 10
 Nesselbush, NinaPenfield1st Team 12
 Nugent, KelseyGreece Storm1st Team 11
 Rheude, ClancyCanandaigua1st Team 12
 Robarge, CateThomas1st Team 12
 Robarge, IsabelleThomas1st Team 11
 Rugaber, LucyPenfield1st Team 12
 Sack, CamrynSpencerport1st Team 12
 Sadler, CharlotteBrighton1st Team 10
 Sampone, TaylorPittsford1st Team 11
 Schwab, MorganFairport1st Team 11
 Sherwood, ErikaIrondequoit1st Team 12
 Wall, CatherineSpencerport1st Team 11
 Wall, OliviaSpencerport1st Team 12
 Wiest, KaylaChurchville-Chili1st Team 11
 Wild, ElizaHoneoye Falls-Lima1st Team 12
2nd Team
 Anderson, NoraPittsford2nd Team 12
 Britton, JuliaSpencerport2nd Team 12
 Browne, SophiePittsford2nd Team 11
 Burdick, ShannonPenfield2nd Team 12
 Calcagni, EmmaHoneoye Falls-Lima2nd Team 10
 Coachman, SadieGreece Storm2nd Team 12
 Daley, AmberRush-Henrietta2nd Team 11
 DePalma, LilySpencerport2nd Team 10
 DeVito, JennaRush-Henrietta2nd Team 11
 Faklaris, ElisaPenfield2nd Team 09
 Fedele, LiviaSpencerport2nd Team 09
 Gottorff, VictoriaSchroeder2nd Team 12
 Greene, MaddieIrondequoit2nd Team 12
 Harman, PaigeFairport2nd Team 10
 Hibbard, LoganHilton2nd Team 11
 Hilderbrandt, AmandaHilton2nd Team 12
 Hopfinger, AbbyPittsford2nd Team 11
 Inclema, BridgetIrondequoit2nd Team 12
 Kelly, EileenBrighton2nd Team 11
 Knight, Samantha Schroeder2nd Team 10
 Kumpf, HannaVictor2nd Team 10
 Little, EmmaBrighton2nd Team 12
 Lublin, MadiganPenfield2nd Team 11
 Lucey, AnyaPittsford2nd Team 12
 Lupton, KenzieCanandaigua2nd Team 12
 Marangola, MeganBrighton2nd Team 10
 McCabe, MollyThomas2nd Team 12
 Mix, MearaRush-Henrietta2nd Team 11
 Monte, EmmaFairport2nd Team 11
 Moon, Abby Schroeder2nd Team 12
 Nothnagle, GraceRush-Henrietta2nd Team 11
 O`Neill, EmmaCanandaigua2nd Team 12
 Paladino, TorreyPenfield2nd Team 12
 Piersielak, MadalynFairport2nd Team 12
 Podszebka, SophiaChurchville-Chili2nd Team 11
 Pohleven, PaigeSpencerport2nd Team 11
 Quinlan, AbbyThomas2nd Team 12
 Rooney, HaileySpencerport2nd Team 10
 Rowe, CourtneyRush-Henrietta2nd Team 10
 Ruff, LexieHoneoye Falls-Lima2nd Team 12
 Sampone, AshleyPittsford2nd Team 11
 Sipos, EmmaCanandaigua2nd Team 11
 Strazdins, RaeBrighton2nd Team 11
 Tallman, QuynnCanandaigua2nd Team 10
 Tillotson, IsabelEastridge2nd Team 11
 Verhagen, MaddieIrondequoit2nd Team 10
 Vosburgh, SarahIrondequoit2nd Team 12
 Werkmiester, EmmaVictor2nd Team 09

League Awards for Monroe County - 2018

1st Team
 Allen, IzzyPenfield1st Team 11
 Ballou, Alyssa Greece Storm1st Team 12
 Bay, KeylaThomas1st Team 12
 Bell, MadisonSchroeder1st Team 12
 Benham, EmilyGreece Storm1st Team 12
 Blakesley, LaRenCanandaigua1st Team 10
 Brozost, LainaPenfield1st Team 12
 Bushnell, HaileyHoneoye Falls-Lima1st Team 12
 Butler, MarinaIrondequoit1st Team 11
 Choate, NatalieSpencerport1st Team 11
 Colucci, DanielleVictor1st Team 11
 Cox, MorganPenfield1st Team 11
 Coykendall, ErinSpencerport1st Team 11
 Crane, RachelRush-Henrietta1st Team 11
 Daly, LeahBrockport1st Team 12
 Dera, CamerynFairport1st Team 12
 DiBerardinis, SydneyVictor1st Team 12
 Dickinson, SarahPittsford1st Team 12
 Doyle, MeghanPittsford1st Team 12
 Falk, SarahFairport1st Team 11
 Gangarosa, ReneBrighton1st Team 12
 Garrett, GabbyRush-Henrietta1st Team 11
 Gelabert, KylieVictor1st Team 9
 George, MaddyRush-Henrietta1st Team 11
 Haggerty, LucyVictor1st Team 11
 Hoffman, MeganCanandaigua1st Team 12
 Joint, McKennaHoneoye Falls-Lima1st Team 12
 Kehrig, EileenFairport1st Team 12
 King, CassidyCanandaigua1st Team 12
 Lafountain, SusanBrighton1st Team 10
 Lawatsch, BethPenfield1st Team 12
 Lederman, CarolineBrighton1st Team 12
 Lederman, KatieBrighton1st Team 10
 Lill, PaytonSchroeder1st Team 12
 Mashewske, KateRush-Henrietta1st Team 11
 Messenger, MichellePittsford1st Team 12
 Mooney, ElliePittsford1st Team 11
 Nelson, KelseySchroeder1st Team 12
 Nothnagle, ClareRush-Henrietta1st Team 12
 O`Neill, EmmaCanandaigua1st Team 11
 Piersielak, MadalynFairport1st Team 11
 Rheude, ClancyCanandaigua1st Team 11
 Rugaber, LucyPenfield1st Team 11
 Sack, CamrynSpencerport1st Team 11
 Schwab, MorganFairport1st Team 10
 Sherwood, ErikaIrondequoit1st Team 11
 Smith, PaigeHoneoye Falls-Lima1st Team 12
 Smolensky, KathrynBrighton1st Team 12
 Soures, MaryThomas1st Team 12
 Stark, SarahPittsford1st Team 12
 Sullivan, JillHoneoye Falls-Lima1st Team 12
 Wall, CatherineSpencerport1st Team 10
 Wall, OliviaSpencerport1st Team 11
2nd Team
 Akins, ChelseaPenfield2nd Team 10
 Allen, MaryVictor2nd Team 12
 Braniecki, LexiCanandaigua2nd Team 10
 Brennan, MairaIrondequoit2nd Team 11
 Briggs, JamieSpencerport2nd Team 12
 Burdick, ShannonPenfield2nd Team 11
 Burke, CourtneyPittsford2nd Team 12
 Carpenter, SydneyHilton2nd Team 09
 Concordia, JordenSchroeder2nd Team 10
 Daley, AmberRush-Henrietta2nd Team 10
 Davis, PiperBrighton2nd Team 11
 Davis, RayeaRush-Henrietta2nd Team 9
 DePalma, LilySpencerport2nd Team 09
 DeVito, JennaRush-Henrietta2nd Team 10
 Eichmann, ElenaFairport2nd Team 11
 Ellis, MeghanCanandaigua2nd Team 10
 Fontaine, MuiraSchroeder2nd Team 12
 Gaenzle, EmmaBrighton2nd Team 12
 Gaudio, SkyeEastridge2nd Team 08
 Herring, KailaRush-Henrietta2nd Team 10
 Hilderbrandt, AmandaHilton2nd Team 11
 Kopp, KatieVictor2nd Team 11
 Kumpf, HannaVictor2nd Team 09
 Lammes, ToriBrockport2nd Team 12
 Logiudice, GabbyBrockport2nd Team 12
 Lublin, MadiganPenfield2nd Team 10
 Lucey, KyraPittsford2nd Team 10
 Marangola, MeganBrighton2nd Team 9
 McCabe, MollyThomas2nd Team 11
 McLachlan, MeghanFairport2nd Team 11
 Mooney, KaciePittsford2nd Team 10
 Murphy, ShaylynGreece Storm2nd Team 12
 Nesselbush, NinaPenfield2nd Team 11
 Nugent, KelseyGreece Storm2nd Team 10
 Ontiveros-Oberg, ElianaBrighton2nd Team 12
 O`Sullivan, LeahIrondequoit2nd Team 12
 Petrone, MiaPenfield2nd Team 12
 Piechota, AlyssaThomas2nd Team 10
 Pohleven, PaigeSpencerport2nd Team 10
 Pound, AlexPittsford2nd Team 12
 Ratliff, KierinHoneoye Falls-Lima2nd Team 12
 Reed, PaytonHoneoye Falls-Lima2nd Team 12
 Reho, LindsayCanandaigua2nd Team 12
 Reinhardt, AmandaFairport2nd Team 12
 Sadler, CharlotteBrighton2nd Team 9
 Sampone, AshleyPittsford2nd Team 10
 Schillinger, EmilyRush-Henrietta2nd Team 11
 Shin, HannahFairport2nd Team 12
 Szczepkowski, MorganCanandaigua2nd Team 12
 Viavattene, RiannaSpencerport2nd Team 12
 Wild, ElizaHoneoye Falls-Lima2nd Team 11

League Awards for Monroe County - 2017

1st Team Attack
 Battisti, EmilyVictor1st Team Attack 11
 Blanding, ElizabethPittsford1st Team Attack 12
 Cook, PaytonHilton1st Team Attack 12
 Coykendall, EmilySpencerport1st Team Attack 12
 Cullinan, CarolinePittsford1st Team Attack 12
 Gangarosa, ReneBrighton1st Team Attack 11
 Garrett, GabbyRush-Henrietta1st Team Attack 10
 Lill, PaytonSchroeder1st Team Attack 11
 Muir, CaitlinHoneoye Falls-Lima1st Team Attack 12
 Schottland, DelaneyVictor1st Team Attack 12
 Smith, PeytonCanandaigua1st Team Attack 12
 Smolensky, KathrynBrighton1st Team Attack 11
 Voci, NicoleThomas1st Team Attack 12
1st Team Defense
 Allen, IzzyPenfield1st Team Defense 10
 Bay, KeylaThomas1st Team Defense 11
 Corcoran, MadisonOlympia-Arcadia1st Team Defense 12
 Lagoner, GraceThomas1st Team Defense 12
 Nothnagle, ClareRush-Henrietta1st Team Defense 11
 Pancio, GabbyPenfield1st Team Defense 12
1st Team Goalie
 Brozost, LainaPenfield1st Team Goalie 11
 George, Mary ClaireBrighton1st Team Goalie 12
 Hofford, IsabelFairport1st Team Goalie 12
 Kiefer, BridgeteHoneoye Falls-Lima1st Team Goalie 11
 King, CassidyCanandaigua1st Team Goalie 11
 Messenger, MichellePittsford1st Team Goalie 11
1st Team Midfield
 Benedetto, MaliahSpencerport1st Team Midfield 12
 Brill, JennaRush-Henrietta1st Team Midfield 11
 Chamberlain, BrittanyHoneoye Falls-Lima1st Team Midfield 12
 Cosgrove, KatieChurchville-Chili1st Team Midfield 12
 Coykendall, ErinSpencerport1st Team Midfield 10
 Doyle, JennaPittsford1st Team Midfield 12
 George, MaddyRush-Henrietta1st Team Midfield 10
 Glagolev, EmilyThomas1st Team Midfield 12
 Gwynn, NatalieCanandaigua1st Team Midfield 12
 Howe, MaddieFairport1st Team Midfield 12
 Lederman, CarolineBrighton1st Team Midfield 11
 Mashewske, KateRush-Henrietta1st Team Midfield 10
 Meagher, SydneyFairport1st Team Midfield 12
 Merkel, CaitlynIrondequoit1st Team Midfield 12
 Messier, KaciVictor1st Team Midfield 12
 Motkowski, MeganPenfield1st Team Midfield 12
 Pollack, BrittneyFairport1st Team Midfield 12
 Quevedo, JilliePittsford1st Team Midfield 12
 Reed, SydneyVictor1st Team Midfield 12
 Rheude, ClancyCanandaigua1st Team Midfield 10
 Soures, MaryThomas1st Team Midfield 11
 Sproule, AlyssaPenfield1st Team Midfield 12
 Villanti, MariaHoneoye Falls-Lima1st Team Midfield 12
 Wager, RachelBrighton1st Team Midfield 11
 Wall, OliviaSpencerport1st Team Midfield 10
2nd Team Attack
 Bell, MadisonSchroeder2nd Team Attack 11
 Blakesley, LaRenCanandaigua2nd Team Attack 9
 Cox, MorganPenfield2nd Team Attack 10
 Dera, CamerynFairport2nd Team Attack 11
 Higgins, HeatherPittsford2nd Team Attack 12
 Hilderbrandt, AmandaHilton2nd Team Attack 10
 Lederman, KatieBrighton2nd Team Attack 9
 Marafioti, HannahFairport2nd Team Attack 12
 Petrone, MiaPenfield2nd Team Attack 11
 Ratliff, KierinHoneoye Falls-Lima2nd Team Attack 11
 Rugaber, LucyPenfield2nd Team Attack 10
 Schillinger, EmilyRush-Henrietta2nd Team Attack 10
 Sherwood, ErikaIrondequoit2nd Team Attack 10
 Sinsebox , SarahRush-Henrietta2nd Team Attack 11
 Tomei, EmilyThomas2nd Team Attack 12
2nd Team Defense
 Bagley, IliaChurchville-Chili2nd Team Defense 12
 Bushnell, HaileyHoneoye Falls-Lima2nd Team Defense 11
 Connolly, JennaPittsford2nd Team Defense 12
 Cutaia, GiannaSpencerport2nd Team Defense 09
 Davis, PiperBrighton2nd Team Defense 10
 Doyle, MeghanPittsford2nd Team Defense 11
 Fitzsimmons, LaneVictor2nd Team Defense 11
 Gaenzle, EmmaBrighton2nd Team Defense 11
 Groff, MaddieCanandaigua2nd Team Defense 12
 Lawatsch, BethPenfield2nd Team Defense 11
 Linder, BrennaFairport2nd Team Defense 12
 Nally, RileyHoneoye Falls-Lima2nd Team Defense 12
 Orologio, SamFairport2nd Team Defense 12
 Strazdins, RaeBrighton2nd Team Defense 09
 Winn, MackenziePittsford2nd Team Defense 12
2nd Team Goalie
 Concordia, JordenSchroeder2nd Team Goalie 09
 DiBerardinis, SydneyVictor2nd Team Goalie 11
 Doser, ShainaHilton2nd Team Goalie 10
 Fregosi, LydiaIrondequoit2nd Team Goalie 12
 Kenyon, IzzyCanandaigua2nd Team Goalie 12
2nd Team Midfield
 Bodnar, MadisonOlympia-Arcadia2nd Team Midfield 11
 Choate, NatalieSpencerport2nd Team Midfield 10
 Crane, RachelRush-Henrietta2nd Team Midfield 10
 Daly, LeahBrockport2nd Team Midfield 11
 Hoffman, MeganCanandaigua2nd Team Midfield 11
 Lafountain, SusanBrighton2nd Team Midfield 9
 Moulton, EmmaBrockport2nd Team Midfield 12
 Reed, PaytonHoneoye Falls-Lima2nd Team Midfield 11
 Sack, CamrynSpencerport2nd Team Midfield 10
 Stark, SarahPittsford2nd Team Midfield 11
 Travis, MackenzieThomas2nd Team Midfield 12
 Vasile, GabriellaThomas2nd Team Midfield 12
 Woo, MeredithChurchville-Chili2nd Team Midfield 11

League Awards for Monroe County - 2016

1st Team Attack
 Bell, MadisonSchroeder1st Team Attack 10
 Coykendall, EmilySpencerport1st Team Attack 11
 Cullinan, CarolinePittsford1st Team Attack 11
 Fallone, AlannaPenfield1st Team Attack 12
 Garrett, GabbyRush-Henrietta1st Team Attack 09
 Harris, McKenzieBrighton1st Team Attack 11
 Miller, MaddiePittsford1st Team Attack 12
 Muir, CaitlinHoneoye Falls-Lima1st Team Attack 11
 Plain, MeganPittsford1st Team Attack 12
 Pollack, BrittneyFairport1st Team Attack 11
 Ryan, RachelHilton1st Team Attack 12
 Schillinger, EmilyRush-Henrietta1st Team Attack 09
 Voci, NicoleThomas1st Team Attack 11
1st Team Defense
 Halter, HaleyFairport1st Team Defense 12
 Lagoner, GraceThomas1st Team Defense 11
 Ojeda, BayleeCanandaigua1st Team Defense 12
 Reed, SydneyVictor1st Team Defense 11
 Wall, OliviaSpencerport1st Team Defense 09
1st Team Goalie
 Goodermote, PaulinaChurchville-Chili1st Team Goalie 11
 Hofford, IsabelFairport1st Team Goalie 11
 Schroeder, OliviaSpencerport1st Team Goalie 12
1st Team Midfield
 Baumer, KristenPenfield1st Team Midfield 12
 Blazey, ToriCanandaigua1st Team Midfield 11
 Brennan, AnnieIrondequoit1st Team Midfield 12
 Chamberlain, BrittanyHoneoye Falls-Lima1st Team Midfield 11
 Choate, NatalieSpencerport1st Team Midfield 09
 Clement, CaylaCanandaigua1st Team Midfield 12
 Cosgrove, KatieChurchville-Chili1st Team Midfield 11
 Costanza, KatherineBrighton1st Team Midfield 12
 Coykendall, ErinSpencerport1st Team Midfield 9
 Daly, LeahBrockport1st Team Midfield 10
 Doyle, JennaPittsford1st Team Midfield 11
 Flynn, BridgetVictor1st Team Midfield 12
 Glagolev, EmilyThomas1st Team Midfield 11
 Hawryschuk, EmilyVictor1st Team Midfield 12
 Howe, MaddieFairport1st Team Midfield 11
 Johnson, DestineeRush-Henrietta1st Team Midfield 12
 Konieczny, MeganFairport1st Team Midfield 12
 Lill, PaytonSchroeder1st Team Midfield 10
 Mashewske, KateRush-Henrietta1st Team Midfield 09
 McKenna, MargaretBrighton1st Team Midfield 12
 Melidona, QuinnIrondequoit1st Team Midfield 12
 Messier, KaciVictor1st Team Midfield 11
 Messura, FrancescaHilton1st Team Midfield 12
 Motkowski, MeganPenfield1st Team Midfield 11
 Pease, KierstenIrondequoit1st Team Midfield 12
 Quevedo, JilliePittsford1st Team Midfield 11
 Thomas, CarleyBrighton1st Team Midfield 12
 Vasile, GabriellaThomas1st Team Midfield 11
 Villanti, MariaHoneoye Falls-Lima1st Team Midfield 11
2nd Team Attack
 Alvarado, CelinaIrondequoit2nd Team Attack 12
 Benedetto, MaliahSpencerport2nd Team Attack 11
 Dera, CamerynFairport2nd Team Attack 10
 Fosco, BrennaVictor2nd Team Attack 12
 Gangarosa, ReneBrighton2nd Team Attack 10
 Haggerty, LucyVictor2nd Team Attack 09
 Hawes, GraceEastridge2nd Team Attack 12
 Hilderbrandt, AmandaHilton2nd Team Attack 09
 Marafioti, HannahFairport2nd Team Attack 11
 Nelson, KelseySchroeder2nd Team Attack 10
 Reed, BaileyHoneoye Falls-Lima2nd Team Attack 12
 Roman, SaraSpencerport2nd Team Attack 12
 Schaefer, RebeccaThomas2nd Team Attack 12
 Schottland, DelaneyVictor2nd Team Attack 11
 Smith, PeytonCanandaigua2nd Team Attack 11
 Soures, MaryThomas2nd Team Attack 10
 Spaan, HannahPenfield2nd Team Attack 12
 Wager, RachelBrighton2nd Team Attack 10
2nd Team Defense
 Ariola, AllisonChurchville-Chili2nd Team Defense 12
 Barnes, AllisonThomas2nd Team Defense 12
 Bay, KeylaThomas2nd Team Defense 10
 Burns, EleanorBrighton2nd Team Defense 11
 Connolly, JennaPittsford2nd Team Defense 11
 Cooley, LydiaHoneoye Falls-Lima2nd Team Defense 12
 DeWeese, JuliaSchroeder2nd Team Defense 12
 Doyle, MeghanPittsford2nd Team Defense 10
 Giancursio, JessicaPenfield2nd Team Defense 12
 Hines, MollyPenfield2nd Team Defense 12
 Hoffman, MeganCanandaigua2nd Team Defense 10
 Hogan, DylannBrighton2nd Team Defense 12
 Houtenbrink, LaurenVictor2nd Team Defense 11
 Kent, ShayFairport2nd Team Defense 12
 Kolmer, GabrielleChurchville-Chili2nd Team Defense 12
 Merkel, CaitlynIrondequoit2nd Team Defense 11
 Plouffe, AlexisSpencerport2nd Team Defense 12
2nd Team Goalie
 Fregosi, LydiaIrondequoit2nd Team Goalie 11
 King, CassidyCanandaigua2nd Team Goalie 10
 Messenger, MichellePittsford2nd Team Goalie 10
 Piskorowski, NicoleBrockport2nd Team Goalie 12
2nd Team Midfield
 Andrews, JulieGates Chili2nd Team Midfield 11
 Beikirch, SeannaAthena-Odyssey2nd Team Midfield 12
 Blanding, ElizabethPittsford2nd Team Midfield 11
 Brill, JennaRush-Henrietta2nd Team Midfield 10
 Cook, PaytonHilton2nd Team Midfield 11
 Crane, RachelRush-Henrietta2nd Team Midfield 09
 George, MaddyRush-Henrietta2nd Team Midfield 09
 Leon, AbbeyPittsford2nd Team Midfield 12
 Meagher, SydneyFairport2nd Team Midfield 11
 Reed, PaytonHoneoye Falls-Lima2nd Team Midfield 10
 Sack, CamrynSpencerport2nd Team Midfield 09
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