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Penfield, Hilton, and HFL Win by One Goal

DAY IN REVIEW: WEDNESDAY - There were ten games played today and three were won by just one goal.  HFL Goalie Lily Brady reached her 400th career save which helped the Cougars in the 9-8 win over Thomas. Penfield extended their winning streak to six wins with their 8-7 win at Irondequoit. Hilton surprised Aquinas with a 12-11 win that saw five players scoring goals.

Hilton vs AquinasTHOMAS-8 at HONEOYE FALLS-LIMA-9 - This was a close game with the Cougars taking the first quarter lead into the 4-2 half. Thomas got one goal closer in the third and the two teams each scored three in the last quarter. Senior goalie Lily Brady (9s/7ga = 56% - 48 mins) reached her 400th career save in the game and was supported in the offense by Shaye Angelo (4g-1a), Paige Kidd (4g), and 8th grade midfielder Harper Jacob (1g-1a). The Cougars (7-8) travel to Penn Yan on Thursday. Leading the scoring for Thomas were Harper Blakley (3a), Hannah Ruller (3g), and Mia Estelle (2g).          [ BOX SCORE

PITTSFORD-9 at VICTOR-15 - The Blue Devils saw scoring from  Devin Livingston (4g-2a), Morgan Livingston (4g), Allie Pisano (3g) and  Libby Boland (2g-2a). Victor ends their regular season at 13-3 and a win streak of eight. There was no report from Pittsford (7-9) at post-time.          [ BOX SCORE

Hilton vs AquinasPENFIELD-8 at IRONDEQUOIT-7 - The Patriots extended their win streak to six win (12-4) and saw Senior attacker Emersyn Mathis (1g-1a) reached her 50th career assist. Also making an impact were Jenna Capozzi (3g), Peyton Rothfuss (2g), and Whitney Reynolds (2g). Leading the scoring for Irondequoit (9-7) were 8th grade offensive player Lucy Whipple (1g-2a), Freshman Ellie Bottiglier (2g), Senior attacker Ella Brennan (2g-2a), and Senior midfielder Madelyn Thore (1g). In the goal for Irondequoit was junior Emma Francis with 9s/5ga = 64% (48 mins).          [ BOX SCORE

GANANDA-MARION-6 at MYNDERSE-ROMULUS-17 - The Blue Devils finished their regular season at 9-7 and celebrated Senior midfielder Jackie Sinicropi (3g-4a) who reached her 50th career goal. Junior attacker Chelsea Korzeniewski scored five goals and two assists, and Senior midfielder Jackie Sinicropi added three goals and four assists while Junior offensive player Amelia Reese finished with three goals and two assists.  Gananda-Marion saw goals from Senior midfielder Colleen Ginsberg (4g-1a), and Sophomore midfielder Lexi Gallina (1g-1a).       [ BOX SCORE

Hilton vs AquinasPAL-MAC-21 at LIVONIA-AVON-7 - Pal Mac finished their regular season at 12-4 and with a winning streak of five game. Pal-Mac Sophomore midfielder Teagan Hudak reached her 200th career draw controls and Laker Sophomore attacker Lily Rowe reached her 100th career draw control in the game. Among the leaders in scoring for Pal-Mac were Teagan Hudak (4g-3a), Anna Priebe (5g-1a), and Reagan Diehl (3g-1a). Leading the scoring for Livonia-Avon (9-6) were Lily Rowe (5g-2a), Maddie Whitford (2g-1a), and Sidney Clickner (1a).        [ BOX SCORE

Hilton vs AquinasWAYNE-10 at GENEVA-6 -  Wayne won their first game against Geneva behind the efforts of Isabella Veltre (2g-4a), Madelyn Hillman (2g-2a), and Anabelle Ruffell (2g). Wayne senior goalie Mimi Ugalde made 11s/6ga = 65% (48 mins). Geneva goalie Maddie Askin (11s/10ga = 52% - 48 mins) reached her 300th career save while on the other end of the field Isabella Bonventre had four goals, and Meghan Forbes had four assists,        [ BOX SCORE

HILTON-12 at AQUINAS-11 - Hilton (5-11) surprised Aquinas (8-7) with a one goal win using scoring by Lilly Mattucci (2g-3a), Elena Graziano (3g-1a), Ryleigh Lent (2g-2a), and Charley Barlette (3g). Aquinas saw scoring from  Brynn Henry (4g-3a), Savannah Hinchcliffe (4g), and Marilena Diaz (1g). Aquinas Junior goalie Liz Tantalo made 13s/12ga = 52% (48 mins).       [ BOX SCORE]   - - More images in the photo gallery.

Hilton vs AquinasBROCKPORT-7 at EASTRIDGE/BK-16 - Leading the scoring for Eastridge/BK (9-5) were sophomore midfielder Kayla Gerson (5g-1a), senior midfielder Ashley Mandeville (3g-3a), senior midfielder Jillian Willis (4g-1a), and junior midfielder Ada Krupa (4g).  There was no report from Brockport (5-11) at post-time.         [ BOX SCORE

GREECE STORM-19 at MARCUS WHITMAN-12 - Greece Junior Ellie Lombardo (1g-1a) scored her first Varsity goal as The Storm saw scoring Hilton vs Aquinasfrom Erica Savage (3g-5a), Mara Misiurewicz (7g), Emma Carlson (4g-2a), and Emma Dioguardi (3g-2a). Sophia Snyder (6g), Holland Benge (4g), and Helen Snyder (2a) made the book for the Wildcats who will finish their regular season at Livonia-Avon. Greece has one more game when they host Eastridge/BK.        [ BOX SCORE

NEWARK-MIDLAKES-7 at WATERLOO-19 -  Waterloo extended their winning streak to five wins (11-4) and have one more game before Sectionals. They will host Geneva on Thursday. Sophomore midfielder Maci Mueller (8g-4a) reached her 150th career goal her 50th career assist in the game. Seniors Lainie Forde and Giana Delucia each had four goals. In the goal for Waterloo was Freshman Peyton Lyons with 7s/6ga = 54% (36 mins), and Junior Brigit Bowman with 2s/1ga = 67% (12 mins). Scoring for Newark-Midlakes were Stella Del Papa (3g), Zoey Overslaugh (3g), and Thea Lewis (1g-0a).        [ BOX SCORE

   on 06-25-2024
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