One of the top features of this web site is the excellent photography, taken by a group of volunteers whose experience runs from serious amateurs to master professionals.

SportsFive photographers took more than 50,000 images at games last year and only a fraction of them were published with front page stories. Some images are published on this page and others are used for individual player pages.


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05/19/20222022 Greece at SpencerportSELECT
05/11/20222022 Gates Chili at SpencerportSELECT
05/09/20222022 Irondequoit at SpencerportSELECT
05/09/20222022 Irondequoit at SpencerportSELECT
05/04/20222022 Churchville-Chili at SpencerportSELECT
04/11/20222022 Bishop Kearney at GreeceSELECT
04/06/20222022 Waterloo at Penn YanSELECT
04/04/20222022 Wayne at Gananda-MarionSELECT
04/01/20222022 Schroeder at WaterlooSELECT
03/31/20222022 Mynderse-Romulus at Marcus WhitmanSELECT
03/26/20222022 Penfield at FairportSELECT

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